Welcome to Prestige Clean and thank you for visiting. Are you looking for a cleaning service provider who not only understands your needs but also your reasoning for wanting a new one?

We have over 20 years’ experience and excellent conduct with our long-standing customers – surely we’re doing something right! We can customise and manage cleaning services that suit your business so that you don’t have to.

Selecting a new service provider shouldn’t be a judgement based solely on price. Rely on us for services that are not only affordable but of high quality.

Service consistency is GUARANTEED.

Once again thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Custom Designed Clean

Our first step is always taking the time to properly scope each new client’s needs to fit. We then have our senior consultants train your Prestige Clean team onsite to meet those exact specifications and avoid standards slipping once the honeymoon period is over. With our attention to detail, you’ll get the exact clean your space needs, every time. We are wholeheartedly flexible and can act on any feedback or visit your office at periodical intervals. Either way, you are in good hands!

Free 6th sense check

Our complimentary 6th Sense Check™ looks at how well you’re doing in terms of sight, sound, touch taste and smell in your office. Our expertise means that we can suggest what you can change to brighten your workspace – a critical competitive advantage in business today. Create a workspace where customers and staff want to be. 

Lock in Love – Not Paperwork

We ensure our last service is also our best service and hold ourselves accountable to that by only issuing month to month contracts. This works to create much stronger relationships than any wordy contract ever could. With this approach, we’re proud to boast industry-leading clients and cleaner tenures!

Redefining Green

We take the environment seriously. We’ve sourced a 100% chemical-agent free, plant-based and biodegradable cleaning range. They’re also completely scent-free. Say goodbye to unpleasant chemical and artificial smells! Our commitment to reach carbon-zero means that we deliver world-class cleans but we’re caring for the environment too.

Straight Talk

When we are approached to find a solution, we give a straightforward response and action plan. We believe that honest communication is a sure-fire way to achieve any desired objective. The by-product of this is a long-term relationship without wasting time and resources.

Sick Of Rubbish

Many of us like the idea of eco-friendly and sustainable living but if you talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. Consumers are demanding genuine efforts and proven capabilities. We hear this! Our goal is environmental accreditation. We are always happy to share our knowledge with clients so we can work towards achieving a greener planet. Our 3 step recycling process tackles this by minimising waste and maximising efficiency; 

  • Refuse audit – A review of your existing recycling process (including the waste/ recycling mix & composting).
  • Implementation & training – Introducing new & improving current recycling strategies, bins, and staff training.
  • Program operation – Regular optimisation and measuring to keep your rubbish disposal costs low.

Never Miss a Service

If for any reason your regular cleaning team can’t get to you, we’ll send a fully briefed back-up team to deliver the same level of service you expect. No excuses, no compromises, no interruptions – guaranteed.

Like for Like Value Guarantee

Prestige Clean are quality and environmentally focused. If you find a provider who can match our service across personnel, product or performance, we’ll beat their quote by 5%. We’re confident we can consistently deliver exceptional value.

24/7 Support

Your urgency becomes ours and your call will be answered 24/7. Even late at night, if an issue arises, it can be sorted. That’s why our VIP package members enjoy a great service that never sleeps.