Pest Control

Just before the cold weather hits, you may notice pests such as cockroaches hanging around in carpet joins, behind ovens or on lamp shades. They’re preparing for the colder months by searching for warmer spots. They are quite harmless but can lead to a nasty infestation – an ‘intrusion’ of cockroaches is not fun for anyone – queue a child’s scream!

It is possible to get rid of them by sucking them up in the vacuum cleaner – providing you dispose of the bag properly after use. DIY pest control aids are also handy and available from the supermarket. Use pesticides with caution and read instructions before use.

If this is not enough, a commercial application for cockroaches is to leave bait stations in dark areas where they may lurk. This will prevent egg-laying. The bait stations should be kept far out of reach of children and domestic animals. 

If an infestation has become too great, call us! We can provide a customised solution and are here to help. In New Zealand, pest controllers must gain an approved handler certificate. Our professional pest control services are carried out by insured and certified technicians. We know the right solution to this creepy-crawly problem!

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