Making Moving Easy

Moving: it’s exciting, exhausting, and seriously stressful. Finding and securing a new office building is challenging enough, but the actual process of moving – the packing, the logistics, utility transfers, whew, list goes on, can easily send you into meltdown mode if you’re not properly prepared.

Relocating a business while it is still operating can be a time-consuming task on its own because business should continue without any interruptions.

We can help with the chores of one off commercial cleaning & tidying up your new and your old office with just one phone call. We will project manage the entire process for you.

Post exit requirements will be in your lease, several tasks will need to be accomplished, which means different people to make appointments with, meeting with them & approving or disapproving their quote’s. This does not end here. Making them all to work together as a team to ensure all the tasks are done seamlessly can be a huge undertaking on its own.

At Service King, we can put together all your needs, from quoting to completion & project manage it all for you so it can be finished on time. So, you can breathe easy in your new premises.

We can even return the keys to your landlords’ agent directly and even join them for inspection on your behalf if need be, to spare some time for you, so everybody is happy & there is one less thing for you to worry about.

Don’t delay, talk to us today, the clock is ticking. Get in touch with us today 0800 004 120

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