Have your kids drawn on the walls with crayons or permanent markers? Or are your walls just brown and stained? Cleaning walls and ceilings is essential. If they’re dirty and unkept for a long amount of time, the material can get worse and can be even harder to maintain in the long run. We can ensure the proper procedures to clean and kill mould, grease, dirt, nicotine stains & fly spots.

Whether you’re moving into a new home or spring cleaning, our services are of an extremely high standard and we can guarantee your ceilings and walls will be looking good as new. If you are moving out of a rental property, your landlord will like to have the place looking as good as it was when you moved in so cleaning walls and ceilings may be essential depending on your situation.

A good idea, especially if you are going to paint your walls, is to test how dirty they are with a dry white cloth. Wipe the walls down with the cloth and if there isn’t much colour change on the cloth, your walls are likely clean enough. If the colour is more yellow and brown, then you may need to hire professionals in to clean them. Properly cleaned walls ensures that the paint will stick and adhere to the surfaces which will look better and last longer.