A fresh and clean carpet can look great and can give your home a brand new look. Looking at hiring a carpet cleaning professional will provide you many benefits which you’ll only realise once it’s been done! Here’s a few reasons why hiring our carpet cleaning experts are a great idea for your home or office.

Extends the life of your carpet
Over extended amounts of time, dirt, dust, allergens and hair end up on the carpet and eventually settle in the fibres of the material. Over time, this can cause the carpet to wear out and will therefore decrease the longevity it would otherwise have. As this is the case, regular vacuuming is required but this doesn’t always do the job! Our equipment and eco-friendly chemicals are designed specifically to remove the dirt and dust that has become embedded into the carpet. As a result, our extraction techniques can mean your carpets will last longer and look better.

Increases respiratory health
If you suffer from allergies and asthma, air pollutants from dirty and unclean carpets can become bothersome and can trigger these respiratory problems even more. If you have younger children, they probably spend time playing on the carpet and this can expose them even more to the harmful bacteria and dirt that carpets contain. When your carpets are professionally cleaned, you’ll be assured that any built up pollutants will be eradicated and you’ll notice that respiratory problems will be reduced.

Gives your home a new and fresh smell
Coming home to a clean and fresh environment is a positive feeling for anyone. When your carpets are professionally cleaned, they not only look good but they produce a fresh smell which you wouldn’t know of otherwise. Carpets are usually the biggest furnishing in the room so it makes sense to take care of it with a proper clean, giving it the care it needs. Noticing how a fresh carpet can make you feel can make all the difference.

Eliminate carpet stains and residue
The biggest reason you may consider getting your carpet professionally cleaned is if it gets stained. Things like wine, coffee & dirt can leave deep stains in the carpet which can become impossible to get out on your own. Our equipment is designed specifically to remove stains and as professionals, we know the exact methods to clearing them away. Some home cleaning products and methods can sometimes make the stain even worse so it may be best to consult with a professional before deciding which steps to take.

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South Pacific Pictures

From the onset of our booking, the staff at Service King were very attentive, and broke down wide variety of services that were on offer. As we had been filming at residential properties over the winter period,

“Aimee Russell”

H2R Consulting

Service King have been amazing right from the get go. The customer service is great and the cleaning even better! Any little extras we need done – Service King is onto it efficiently with constant contact throughout. Highly recommend them.

“Kate Heslop”