Carpets and rugs have been around for thousands of years and are the most enjoyed possession of a home’s interior. In fact, your home is incomplete without a carpet or a rug. These come in different styles and sizes, acting as a piece of statement giving the interiors a whole new look. Carpets come in different styles – antiques, traditional, tribal textile, wall rugs etc. Oriental rugs, Persian rugs and neoclassical or vintage rugs are the most sophisticated categories of carpets used at a number of homes.

When the colonies were started, the carpets were large and made of woven wool. The early age carpets were oversized but as the industries grew, high quality tufted carpets (as we call it today) were being manufactured. It would be no less to say that the carpets till 20th century was merely a handmade bedspread to cover the floor. Then came the quilt pattern (crafted with wool and cotton yarn), that gave a soft and comfortable feel to the floors.

The power loom came into the picture in the early 20th century that modified the way tufting had been done so far. The manual process, wool and cotton yarn were replaced by synthetic fibres like polyester, rayon, acrylics etc.

As per the history of carpets, Scandinavian art carpets and stylish mid-century carpets are the most sought after and purchased interior item. The stylish design for this carpet is inspired by the modern artists that use light colours and low impact designs to make a room feel spacious or use of dark colours on carpet to give a cozy impact to the room.

If you are looking to give a compact and vintage look to your room, antique rugs (William Morris design) of 19th and 20th century with British style of rugs weaving should be your choice.

If you are an environmentally friendly person and go green is your mantra, the eco-friendly rugs and carpets from Morocco should be your top notch priority. These rugs and carpets come with minimalistic appeal yet distinctly modern design and therefore have become the most popular rug designs of today.

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