Just like on our skin, the winter has a drastic effect on our plants. But with a little extra love and care, you can make sure your garden thrives through the winter, it’ll come up in spring all the more beautiful.

Here are some tips for taking care of your garden during winter:

#1 Clear it out

Get rid of all the dead foliage and cut away any dead stems to make sure your plant bed is clear. This will prevent any rotting and also keep insect eggs from growing and spreading.

 #2 Mulch the garden

Protect your garden from excessive cold and repeated frosts by creating a mulch to cover the soil. A layer of leaves is a clever way for nature to protect itself against the cold. Collect fallen leaves and leave them to rot, as leaf mould also discourages weeds. Then spread a layer of mulch over the soil around your plants, vegetables and flowers. It will keep the garden at a consistent temperature.

 #3 Care for your roses

Do not fertilize your roses until after later summer. Do not prune or cut blossoms as it will stimulate growth and will lead to them dying at first frost. You might want to build a burlap shelter as an added protection for you roses, as well as the mulch, if there is a deep freeze coming.

 #4 Let it snow

If it snows a lot, don’t worry too much about it. Contrary to popular belief, snow can actually protect your soil as it insulates and keeps it at a consistent temperature. But, if it is heavy snow, it might weigh down your plant or tree branches and could break or damage them. Knock the snow off each branch, starting from the bottom up since if you start at the top. The falling snow could further damage the lower hanging branches.

 #5 Save trees from winter

Protect the softer trunks of young trees with tree protectors. This will help save them from any animals that might try to gnaw them and damage them through winter.

 Hopefully, you find these tips helpful, and if your garden needs any help,Prestige Clean team is always there to assist.

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