Who doesn’t feel a sense of achievement when their marble floors shine in the daylight!

But if you’re struggling with cleaning or reading for new methods, this article is just what you might need.


“Marble is often crushed and used for acid neutralization in streams, lakes and soils. Used by people who suffer from acid reflux or acid indigestion? Powdered marble is used as a inert filler in other pills.”

Gear up with:

·       Non-abrasive sponge/ soft microfiber cloth

·       2 buckets of Warm water

·       pH-neutral cleaner solution

·       Dry soft towel

Step 1: Dilute a tiny amount of cleaning solution in the warm water and pour it in small quantities over the surface.

Never use acid based cleaning solutions on a marble floor.

Step 2: Use your cloth or sponge to clean the surface in circular motion.

Step 3: Rinse the cleaned area with warm water to avoid accumulation of solution.

Step 4: Dry the area once rinsed well making sure no water puddles are formed.


Installed new marble floors?
Marble stones are porous and can easily absorb spillage stains. Apply sealer to it making it stain resistant. It is advisable to apply it once every month.  Consult the marble company for their recommendations.

Make sure to…

·       Dust the marble floors with a soft microfiber cloth every week.

·       Use cleaning products that are formulated just for marble floors.

Avoid using…

Regular cleaning products that can etch the stone surface.

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Do you clean differently? Let us know what challenges you face with regards to marble floors.

Remember, prevention is better than cure!

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