Service King is a highly respected business in the commercial cleaning industry and in the overall business landscape of New Zealand. It was no small task to reach the success and respect Service King has seen although, it took years of hard work and dedication along with a commitment to its values that could never be shaken.

Service King is the epitome of Kiwi ingenuity and hard work, showing that even something small can become something great with enough hard work put in. This is a fact Service King has held with them through every step of their journey, believing that with commitment and hard work anything can be done. It’s no wonder that this belief has run as a constant throughout all over Service King’s values and has seen them succeed so constantly.

Growing towards greatness has seamlessly transferred into every area of how Service King doesn’t business, always pushing towards being bigger and better than before, always looking back and reflecting on how far they’ve come. It’s in this way that Service King continues to build on its strong foundations in commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor maintenance and other cleaning related services.

Service King knows what hard work and transparency can do and to where it can get you, so Service King commits to hard work like no other, embracing both the good and the bad for further growth. Care and promised delivery in every project is the norm.

Service King’s hard work and dedication have seen its business write a great success story, but for Service King, success is something to always be chasing and to never be contented with. What may seem big now can always seem small in future, especially when you see how much you’ve grown.

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South Pacific Pictures

From the onset of our booking, the staff at Service King were very attentive, and broke down wide variety of services that were on offer. As we had been filming at residential properties over the winter period,

“Aimee Russell”

H2R Consulting

Service King have been amazing right from the get go. The customer service is great and the cleaning even better! Any little extras we need done – Service King is onto it efficiently with constant contact throughout. Highly recommend them.

“Kate Heslop”